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Be in your holiday home by Christmas!

24 November 2017

What do you think of when you think about Christmas? Sharing gifts with family, enjoying wonderful home cooked food, indulging (a little bit too much) in your favourite chocolates straight from the tin or watching some great TV, tucked up with the fire on?

Sounds great, doesn’t it? But how about doing this from the comfort of your very own holiday home? This sounds almost too good to be true, a Christmas in your own little getaway. When in reality, you could be in your dream holiday home just in time to enjoy Christmas!


Chosen a plot already?

If you’ve already chosen your holiday park and have reserved your base, then there is no time like the present to decide on your dream holiday home! Between our showground here in Towyn and the Lloyds Caravans showground in Talacre and Pensarn, we have around 200 new and pre-owned holiday homes ready for you to make one your own!


Just in time for Christmas!

Between now and Christmas, we still have 30 delivery dates available; which means theres still a chance for you to be in your dream holiday home by Christmas - if of course your park is open and your new holiday home can be connected to all the services in time!

So stop waiting and come and visit one of our showgrounds today! We have experienced and knowledgeable staff on hand to help you choose a holiday home which is perfect for you and your family. Whether you want an extra bedroom, additional storage or an enclosed lounge, our staff are able to recommend the perfect holiday home to suit all your wants and needs.


How do holiday parks celebrate the Christmas holidays?

All holiday parks are different so knowing what to expect from a Christmas on the park is key. Some holiday parks may be open over the Christmas period to owners, however, the office may be shut. If this is the case, just be sure to ask all your important questions before the office closes for the holidays!

Some holiday parks, however, will be open over the holidays, with events and parties running in their club and different activities held over the Christmas break! Ask your park today what they’ve got running over Christmas, so you know how your holidays will be spent and you can enjoy the benefits!


Christmas in your caravan...

Celebrating Christmas from your caravan doesn’t have to be any different from celebrating at home! Thanks to the incredible specification of modern holiday homes, you don’t need to worry about how you’ll cook the turkey, watching your favourite Christmas TV specials or being nice and toasty by the fire. Just remember to tell Santa where you’re staying so he doesn’t miss you on his deliveries.

You can decorate your holiday home exactly how you would at home, however you may need to downsize on your Christmas tree! Holiday homes may be spacious nowadays but a 6ft Christmas tree might take up a bit too much room. These days there are so many artificial trees on offer, you’ll be sure to find something that fits in perfectly, making sure there’s enough room for your fairy on top!

Don’t forget the tinsel and twinkly lights! Adding extra decoration to your holiday home will give it an even more Christmassy feel, getting you in the mood to put on some Christmas songs and celebrate the holidays.

Last but not least, set your table. Holiday homes nowadays, as well as being spacious tend to have a dining area big enough for the whole family, so lay down your tablecloth and add a centrepiece that Santa would be proud of!

Modern holiday homes all feature a domestic sized oven, big enough for you to easily cook your roast dinner with all the trimmings!

Maybe the idea of spending Christmas in your holiday home sounds amazing, but the thought of cooking your Christmas dinner does not. Well do not fret! Why not visit one of the local restaurants for Christmas dinner, allowing you to enjoy a peaceful day, enjoying Christmas with your family, without the worry of cooking!

There are many reasons to want to spend Christmas in your new holiday home. Maybe your holiday park is worlds away from your home, allowing you to enjoy Christmas in a calm and tranquil environment. Make the most of your location and enjoy a relaxing walk after dinner, whether you need to wrap up warm for a walk along the beach or maybe try and see if you can find some snow hidden on the mountainside, for a truly white Christmas.


All I want for Christmas is…

...a new holiday home! Whilst Christmas is about spending time with family and friends, we can forget about ourselves... So why not treat yourself a little earlier this year, with a brand new static caravan holiday home!


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